Don't Worry About Your Pet's Prescription

Don't Worry About Your Pet's Prescription

Trust our house call vet for drug refills in Taunton & New Bedford, MA and the surrounding area

Getting the meds your pet needs is simple with Pickering Veterinary Housecall Service in Taunton & New Bedford, MA. Our house call vet can refill and deliver your pet's prescription.

Vet prescription refills are only available for client animals. We require an exam for any new animals before filling their prescription. There is a $10-$25 delivery charge for items delivered outside of regular appointments.

Speak to our vet today if you need to schedule an appointment for your pet.


3 reasons why you should take advantage of our delivery service




The last thing you want to do when you have a sick pet is leave them at home alone. However, transporting your pet in your car could increase their anxiety or worsen their condition. By scheduling medicine deliveries with our housecall vet, you:




  1. Won't have to move your sick pet
  2. Don't need to worry about transportation
  3. Can avoid leaving your sick pet at home alone




With our delivery services, you can get vet prescription refills without any hassle or stress. We'll bring the meds your pet needs right to your door. If you need a med refill for your pet, email us today.